Founded in 1997, entrust Creative Technology is a subsidiary of entrustIT Ltd.


Founded in 1997 as MLJ Creative Technology, entrust Creative Technology exists to provide businesses in Hampshire and Dorset with professional, no-nonsense IT support. MLJ built up a customer base across Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey, including a PC sales and repair shop in Shaftesbury, Dorset (now closed). In 2009, MLJ Creative Technology was acquired by entrustIT, a cloud services provider based in Hampshire. While entrustIT focuses on cloud IT for medium and large sized businesses across the UK and USA, entrustCT focuses on the local area, providing SMEs the IT platform to grow their business.

After rebranding as entrust Creative Technology, the company continues to provide expert IT support across the South. Too many IT companies just want to sell you a service. Our goal is to act as your partner, saying 'yes' when we can and 'no' when we should. We'll only sell you what you need and we'll fix it when it goes wrong. Our support and consultancy services can provide your business with the piece of mind that your IT is managed by people that understand technology and business.


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